What kind of pass can I buy and what does it include?

There are serveral types of tickets for the ForróFieira Festival Barcelona:
Full Pass: it gives access to all workshops and night parties during the 3 days of the festival (May 31st to June 2nd).
Group Pass*: includes the same as Full Pass with a discount if you make your subscription with a group of between 10 and 15 people (always from the same country). The paymant has to be done for the total of people of the group.
Party Pass: it gives access to all night parties during the 4 days of the festival (May 30st to June 2nd).
Saturday Day Pass: it gives access to all the classes and the night party of satuday.
Sunday Day Pass: includes the FF Experience entrance, a feijoada menu and the night party.
Accommodation, flights, food or any other cost are under the responsibility of the participants.

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